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I desire things that will destroy me in the end.

What did my fingers do before they held him

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Name:Akihiro 'Daken' Howlett
Birthdate:May 23
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
'I think it’s a song about the moment in your quest for revenge when you learn to embrace the futility of it. The moment where you know the thing you want is ridiculous and pompous and a terrible thing to want anyway. The direction in which you’re headed is not the direction you want to go, yet you’re going to head that way a while longer cause that’s just the kind of person you are.' - John Darnielle [on] Up The Wolves by The Mountain Goats

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Name: Daken (Howlett)
Real Name: Akihiro

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Borderline Aromantic pansexual who sees sex as a weapon for the most

Age: hahahahahahahaha 75

Healing Factor - capable of regenerating damaged tissue, be it skin, muscle, or organs. He can regenerate missing limbs within a matter of minutes.
Foreign Chemical and Disease immunity - This however can be inhibited by mass intake of foreign substances but with no lasting damage (Except Heat)
Superhuman Durability - Skin is harder and stronger than humans and it takes a great deal to actually cause injury.
Superhumanly Acute Senses - greatly improved sight, smell and hearing. Capable of seeing comfortably in the dark, capable of recognising a person’s scent even after only one meeting. Can track people even if the scent has been corroded by time.
Superhuman Stamina, Agility and Reflexes - He puts the olympic athletes to a great deal of shame. Capable of fully exerting himself for 24 hours before being rendered impaired.
Longevity - Despite being in his 60’s he retains the appearance of a man in his prime due to his healing factor slowing the decay of his cells.
Bone Claws - Born with three, two out of his knuckles and one out of his wrist. However the lower claw has since been ripped out by Logan. These are razor sharp and rough in texture and capable of ripping through even the most durable metals.
Pheromone Control - The full extent of this ability is unknown, but through this he is capable of suppressing his own scent so that even Wolverine can’t detect him. He can influence people emotionally to create a sense of fear, happiness, confusion, sexual arousal and even feel secure around him. Another ability this power gives him is deception of his enemies and can make them believe he is somewhere that he is not. Often this has lead to his opponents believing him psychic or capable of teleportation although this is not the case at all.
Empathy - Capable of sensing the emotional state of others.
Telepathic Immunity - He’s highly resistant to Psychic attack and his mind contains a ‘trap’ should anyone delve too deep although this was probably put into place by Romulus. It grants him the ability to control any psychics invading but also to restore lost memories.
Master Martial Artist - Capable of defeating Cyber, Wolverine and even Deadpool, although this can be also attributed to the combination of his pheromone powers. He is also trained in the way of the samurai.
Multilingual - Japanese, English, German and potentially others due to training from Cyber and Romulus.
Master Manipulator and Deception
Excellent Strategist
Skilled Hunter and Tracker
Carbonadium Digestion - Daken’s healing factor can be dramatically slowed if Carbonadium is implanted inside of him, such as swallowing something made of Carbonadium or being wounded by a bullet composed of it. It causes his healing factor to be reduced to a slow crawl, at least in comparison to its normal speed, but doesn’t fully suppress it.
Heat Pills - Temporarily inhibits the Healing Factor for a short term (arguably mental addiction to them initially)
Murasama Blade - Capable of killing Daken as it nullifies the healing factor ability.
Drowning - If he can’t keep air in his lungs then he can’t regenerate it seems.
Additional weapons: Electrical Claw Glove - emits a high voltage to stun enemies.

Morality: How awful can I be before I get inhibited by this thing called shame?
Childhood: Born to Itsu, Wolverine’s wife in Japan but was snatched away by Romulus and a brainwashed Winter Soldier (Bucky) in an attempt to draw Wolverine back to Madripor. He was cut from his murdered mother’s womb by Romulus a given to a traditional Japanese family. Given the name Akihiko he was seen as a blessing as the family were incapable of having more children. Although the servants and other families of the province secretly referred to him as Daken, meaning ‘Bastard Dog; because of his obvious mixed heritage. This also lead to him being teased by the other boys his age and caused him to have a cold attitude to all but his father.

However this grew sour as his mother Natsumi grew fearful of him and suspicious of his heritage, confiding in her husband she was finally pregnant and that she no longer wanted Daken. In a frenzy upon learning this, he began plotting and a year later put it into motion. He confronted his mother and told her he'd killed her son. His father grew furious and disowned Daken and told him that Akihiro was not his true name. Natsumi then tried to kill Daken with a sword but was ultimately killed by Daken instead. His mutant powers had been triggered and accidentally slashed his mother with his bone claws. Akihira, unable to bring himself to kill his son committed suicide.
Romulus just happened to find the boy and saw to raise Daken as his student, telling him that he was what he would become one day.
He was sent to a training camp in Canada, the same one that Wolverine trained in long ago and was trained by the same man, Silas Burr (AKA Cyber). This also soured as eventually Daken disappeared one night and slaughtered the entire facility whilst two search parties were out looking for him - all at the behest of Romulus.
He attacked Silas and managed to get the upper hand with his pheromone control, putting Silas in a good mood allowing him to shed the first blood.
Romulus stopped Daken from killing Burr and told him that he had plans for the man. He then asked if Burr'd ever heard of Adamantium.
It was here that Romulus revealed the truth about Daken's father, Logan, but only in part. He claimed that it was Logan who had killed Itsu because he had feared what Daken would become. This lie was the seed for the deep-seated hatred and anger in Daken's life.

Goals: Stuff and Things.
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